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Entre flors d'estramònium
October 18, 2018 - December 8, 2018
Mònica Subidé has a sense of art in which she maintains a special relationship with nature; especially identifying herself with animals such as herons, reindeer, owls, butterflies or fish. Figures that for her are a reference, which speak of history and memory. Figures that are present in diverse ancestral images, from mythological to contemporary, and that throughout their manifestations they are testimony that has been expressed in multiple works in the history of art, especially in painting. Images that speak of an impassive world that has remained and belonged to humanity for centuries.

Through these figures, his is a search of another era, a trip to remote landscapes to try to enter in a reality that seems to vanish in the emotion of memory.

"Between estramonium flowers" is a collection of works that speak of the moment in which the artist is currently, in her own words: "a kind of suffocating ecstasy, full of changes and blind beauty. Three years trying to talk about what beautiful and painful that is to live, looking inward and urging in the memory, among wild animals, enchanted forests, carnivorous flowers, impassive gardens, characters from childhood and a long etcetera ... "

Images that reflect the disturbing passage of time and, with it, that of life itself.