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Context Miami 2018
December 4, 2018 - December 9, 2018
Galeria Contrast, Barcelona since 1992.

We are a gallery specialised in contemporary paint and photography. Our vision originates itself from the study and the conscience about the art history; where paint, drawing, the study of shapes and optics, the study of light, proportions and aesthetics, are the areas which have formed the pillar of the artistic creation.

However, with the new art trends generated from modernism and the conquest of conceptual art in the twentieth century, we ask ourselves: can painting still say something in the art world? What is its meaning? What are its topics? Is it doomed to disappear from the artistic spectrum? Is it condemned to be kept as an anecdote, considered almost as a "minor art"? Or, on the contrary, can it consolidate itself as an important genre within the current artistic panorama?

All these questions guide our art line. We look for artists who share our vision and want to think and grow with us. We look for public and collectors who want to walk beside us and help us to go forward with their vision. That is how Galeria Contrast looks for its place in the contemporary art scene.